Preliminary Stage

• Master planning of the project covering preparation of alternate plot layout drawings,
  preparation of schematic, architectural, preliminary designs & drawings.
• Finalization of the most suitable scheme keeping in view the functional economical and
  aesthetic aspects.
• Preliminary cost estimates and preparation of the project schedule.
• Preparation of basic drawings for submission to various authorities for obtaining permissions.

Tender Document Stage

• Preparation of Architectural plans, elevations, sections to suit the purpose.
• Preparation of structural designs / drawings and specifications.
• Basic engineering for Sanitation & Plumbing works, drainage, road works.
• Preparation of Bill of Quantities, item specifications & detailed cost estimates.
• Preparation of Tender drawings / specifications and contract documentation for inviting
  tenders pertaining to site development, civil, structural, sanitation and related works.

Working Drawing Stage

• Preparation of all working drawings covering site plan, excavation and foundation drawings,
  drawings giving details of door, windows, fixtures drainage etc. required for construction.
• Preparation of structural execution details i.e. R. C. member details as well as structural steel
  fabrication details.

Construction Stage

• To visit construction site regularly to observe the progress of work with a view to co-ordinate
  activities, provide technical supervision / guidance to ensure quality control in adherence to
  specifications and to inspect and approve the work at all crucial stages.
• Issue Certificate for requirement / consumption of cement and steel.
• To review project schedules periodically with a view to reschedule / monitor the activities to
  ensure timely completion of project.

Final Stage

• Updating all the drawings to make as built drawings.